How to use Really Simple SSL plugin on WordPress Website

How To Use Really Simple SSL Plugin
How to use ssl plugin on WordPress

If your guest’s area unit receiving “mixed content” warnings once visiting your SSL-protected website, it’s possible that some pages area unit vocation content (such as pictures, media files, or perhaps scripts) from external locations over a hypertext transfer protocol affiliation (rather than HTTPS). In this article I will show you how to use really simple ssl plugin.

You can resolve these problems manually by looking through your site’s hypertext mark-up language code for HTTP hyperlinks and change them to HTTPS. But it’s some complicated for you. That’s why you need to learn how to use Really Simple SSL plugin. However, for WordPress, the extremely easy SSL plugin will modify discovery and determination, creating fixes fast and simple.

Install the plugin

To install the plugin, log in to the WordPress administration dashboard and choose Plugins > Add New. seek for extremely easy Really Simple SSL, then click Install currently to proceed.

When it will be Install, Now activate the plugin.

Read the steering on screen and take care to require a backup of your web site before sanctioning SSL. Once you will prepare, click move, and activate SSL. You’ll then got to log back into your WordPress web site.

Click Settings > SSL to review the extremely easy Really Simple SSL settings. Guarantee Mixed content mounted was with success detected on the front-end is checked.

This feature dynamically fixes insecure content by commutation all http:// URLs with https:// (except hyperlinks to different domains), saving you doubtless hours of labor. you’ll still have to be compelled to manually look for external URLs that area unit inflicting mixed content problems. If you feel any type problem to using Really Simple SSL, you can contact with me. I will try to help you. Thanks for reading my article.

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