Popular PHP Frameworks in the Programming World

Popular PHP Frameworks

There are many programming languages in the world. PHP is one of the most computer programming languages in the world. If you know PHP programming, you have to know also any related framework. Because of that, the framework provides lots of facilities for programmers. Developers can create required functionality thought writing some codes. Before know about the popular PHP frameworks, you have to know what is the programming framework first.

What is the Programming Framework?

The programming framework is the file structure was build in some required functionality. Also, they follow a pattern. So, developers can understand quickly. On the other hand, many times developers need data insertion, deletion, modification, etc. Frameworks provide lots of facilities to do that. It saves developers time. Developers can use framework build-in functions, methods, and other functionalities. That’s why many developers using different programming frameworks.

Which pattern uses most Frameworks?

Most popular PHP frameworks follow the MVC pattern. M for Model, V for View, and C for the controller. So, MVC means Model, View, Controller. There are many popular PHP frameworks in the world using this pattern. So, if you want to learn more about the framework, you have to know about the pattern first.

How MVC works?

When a user comes into the application what does in the backend? Generally, the user comes into the application using a request like writing domain name their browser search box. It’s called request. When a user sends a request to the application than the controller defines which data will be a return to users. That’s the controller process. When the controller finds a request as valid it sends to the model. Then the model process this request to show the data. If the model needs to show data from the database, it’s automatically accessed from the backend.

Let’s know about the popular PHP frameworks

Now I will discuss about best PHP framework. Here is the short list of PHP frameworks.


Popular framework laravel

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. It’s first released in June 2011 by Taylor Otwell. At this time, it’s the best framework in the world. There are lots of websites developed with Laravel. They are supported by the MVC pattern which I have discussed above. Also, they have created lots of functionality which is very easy to use for the developers. That’s why it’s easy to learn. But if you want to learn Laravel you have to strong knowledge about Object Oriented PHP (OOP). Otherwise, you will be face lots of problems when learning Laravel. Also, they have lots of default packages to use in the application. Which allows us to create amazing functionalities.


Popular PHP Framework Symfony

Many developers use another popular PHP framework which name is Symfony. This framework also provides lots of components for the developers. Developers can use those components maintaining some formalities. Over 3000+ contributors maintaining this framework. So you may understand about popularity. So you can use these frameworks without any hesitation. I hope you can take lots of facilities using Symfony.


Popular PHP Framework CodeIgniter

If you’re looking for a simple PHP framework you can choose CodeIgniter. These frameworks created by EllisLab. If you visit their official website, you may see two versions for download. One is the running version and another is beta version. If you’re an expert in PHP programming you can try the beta version. Otherwise, try to use the running version. Because of that, sometimes you will find some bugs with beta version.



If you want to do specially web development with PHP, you can try CakePHP. It’s another PHP framework which is specially designed for web development. Many developers using this framework in their own application. They lots of facilities for their developers. You can use this framework for your commercial or any other type of application. The main facility is premium support from developers to new developers. That’s why I recommended this framework.

Laminas (Zend Framework)

popular PHP framework laminas

Laminas is the most popular PHP framework. Previously it was Zend Framework. Recently, they have changed their name Zend Framework to Laminas. But they are still maintaining awesome functionality for the developers. So, you can learn or use the Laminas framework into the web application. I hope you will enjoy this framework.


Finally, It’s my own feedback about the PHP framework which I have discussed above. If you are an expert in PHP, you may don’t agree with me. You can suggest or share your experience with us. So, interest people can be updated. Also peoples can learn more about the PHP framework. If you are a new person for creating a website. You can use a popular Content Management System (CMS) for creating a website. Personally, My recommendation is WordPress to develop your website. Content Management System is the best for web development. But still, frameworks are best for Web Applications like inventory management, library management, etc.