Content writing with SEO friendly for WordPress website

content writing with SEO

Many people want to start a content writing career for freelance work. On the other hand, some people want to write about their own website. But the don’t know how to start writing. Because of that, may don’t have enough idea about writing online. You may have good writing skills. But you may don’t know which content will be SEO friendly for a website. SEO is the most important factor for the website. In this article, I will say you about content writing with SEO friendly for your WordPress website.

How to monitor content for SEO?

Before start writing on the website, you have some knowledge about the SEO monitoring system on the WordPress website. You can add SEO meta and other necessary tags manually. But it’s very complicated for a non-programming person. Don’t worry. There is many SEO monitoring plugin in the WordPress repository. If you want, you can use those plugin for free. If you have more budget for your website content, you can use their premium versions. These plugins will show you SEO status in the WordPress dashboard. I will show you how to monitor your content from the WordPress website using Yoast WordPress plugin. If you don’t know how to setup Yoast plugin in the WordPress website you can read another article On-page SEO configure on your WordPress website which I recently published.

Start monitor your content

Once you will be install and configure Yoast SEO plugin, you will be see some options in the any type of posts page. These options will be show with all of posts like Posts, Pages, Categories etc. These options will be like following image:

SEO Options

You can set SEO options for your article. Also you will be see your article preview in desktop and mobile version. Now I will tell you what step you need to pass in the article.

SEO Analysis

In the above photo you can see some red and yellow error. If you write your article as per proper SEO rule all errors will be gone. If can’t understand what you have mistaken, you can know about those error through click the anchors. It’s very helpful for none programmable persons.

I hope you will be enjoy this article. If you want to know more about the this. You can contact with me. Thanks…