Best Premium WordPress Membership Plugin

Best WordPress Membership Plugin Free
wordpress membership plugin free

Sometimes you need to add membership functionality in your WordPress website. In this article, I will tell you about the best WordPress membership plugin which you can buy without any confusion. Because of that, there is lot of plugins. But they’re not useful for any type of membership website. I hope this article will help you to make a final decision and you will be able to the membership functionality. Let’s start.

Ultimate Membership Pro

membership pro

My first recommendation is the Ultimate Membership Pro. Because of that, they have various type admin functionality. So that, your user can manage your content as your desired way. This is an awesome and very popular plugin for creating membership functionality on the WordPress website. Many people already using these plugin on their website. This plugin allows a multi subscription system.


user pro

UserPro is another premium membership plugin in Themeforest because of that Users can be created and customize their profiles. If you want to use for a community website, it will be best for you. You can create a full social media website with this plugin. It’s a very nice plugin for creating a membership website with social media functionality.

User Profiles Made Easy

user profile made easy

May you have known about User Profiles Made Easy plugin and want to know more. It’s an excellent plugin for creating a website with multiple functionalities. If you use this plugin on the website, your users can be used many popular online services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Aweber, Mailer Lite, etc through your website. So, If you want to provide multiple facilities to your website users, you can use this plugin. I think it will be best for you.


ar member

Sometimes you need to different membership plan for your users. AR Member plugin will help you create an amazing membership website. They have multiple login functionality. They providing login functionality with many social networks. It will help you to grow your targeted user. So, you can use this plugin without any hesitation for your website.

WooCommerce Membership

woocommerce members wordpress membership plugin

Sometimes, we need to set up the membership functionality on the eccommerce website. So, we have to use some membership functionality that is compatible with Woocommerce. By default, woocommerce provides some membership functionality. But it’s not much for all ecommerce store. If you want to increase your woocommerce membership functionality and want to grow your audience more. You can use this plugin. This plugin will help you to extend your store functionality.