When we want to create a website, we want to take some advantage so that all the users can manage our website easily. It’s a normal thing for any type of website owner. Many people want to create their website using raw programming or want to create a hand-coded website. But if you don’t have enough knowledge about programming, you can’t manage properly your raw coding or fully hand-coded website. That’s why you can use the Content Management System (CMS). Because of that, there is lots of default functionality that you can use without any cost. In this article, I will tell you about the best CMS with PHP programming for your next website.

What is CMS?

First of all, you have to know what is CMS. CMS means Content Management System. It’s like software. You don’t need any type of programming knowledge to manage your website if use CMS. Suppose, you want to create a website with CMS. You need to choose a CMS first and you have downloaded their files. All CMS provides clear instructions for users. That’s why you can follow CMS documentation to configuring your desired CMS.

What is the best CMS?

When you will choose any CMS, you will be asking a question. What’s the best CMS? It’s a common question from all newbie. You have to make a decision about your website functionality. So, you can find your desired CMS. Let’s know about the best CMS in the world.


best content management system wordpress

WordPress is the best CMS in the world. It’s very easy to use. That’s why It’s the most popular. WordPress is created with PHP programming. They have multiple functionalities for the user. So that, users can change their website layout, functionality at any time and easily. They have lots of free themes and plugins. You can use their free tools like themes, plugins from WordPress repository without any cost. That’s why it’s very popular in the world. Over 35% of people’s using WordPress as a CMS for their website.


best content management system joomla

Joomla is the other most popular Content Management System in the world. This CMS first release in the year of 2005. There is some awesome functionality for their users. Lots of people using Joomla for their different types of websites. Almost over 2 million websites created with Joomla. They have provides different type modules, plugins, etc for free. You can use this CMS for your next website without hesitation.


content management system drupal

Drupal is the old CMS in the world. It’s the first version released in the year of 2000. If you want to create a more extensive and powerful with CMS, you can Drupal. They have provided very neatly and clean mockups for creating your website. You can create any type of website with Drupal. So, why you’re waiting. Start building your website with Drupal. I hope you will enjoy better with Drupal for your next website.


Megento Image

Magento is a very popular CMS. It’s an eCommerce platform. Where you can create an eCommerce website and sell any type of product. This is specially created for business users. So, if you are a businessman and if you want to start your business in the online platform you can choose Magento. It will be best for your business. They providing multiple plans for your business. You can choose any plan you need.


Image for prestashop

PrestaShop is another eCommerce type CMS which is created with PHP programming language. It’s very easy to use. They have very neat and clean documentation for using PrestaShop. If you want to extend your store online, you can use this CMS. They have own template marketplace. If you wish you can buy any type of template from their template marketplace.

So, I have said about the best Content Management System. You can tell your feedback in the comment. Thanks for reading my article.

When you want to create a website for the company, blog or organization may you’re confused about using CMS. CMS means Content Management System where you can manage your post, page & content for your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. If you’re familiar with PHP, you can develop WordPress. You can know more about this CMS.

Let’s know why WordPress is popular CMS for users.

WordPress is very popular for users. Because of that, users can use this CMS for absolutely free. User don’t need any payment to use this. They can customize their website content from the dashboard. Everything is described by the Developers. On the other hand, user can find lots of resource which can help all users to customize their website. Users can create any type of website with WordPress.

Easy to use

WordPress is very popular because of that, They have a very popular Page builder and free add-ons. Users can use this CMS very easily each content. The user also able to create any type of page using a page builder like Elementor.


WordPress is popular for all developers because of that, this is only CMS which is using the hooking system. Developers can change default functionalities using hooks. They also can remove or add any functionality thought hook. That’s why it’s better than others.


One of the most principal reason for the popularity is shortcode. Shortcode is an extended developer’s work abilities. If a developer wants to add their own functionalities with layout, they can do by creating a shortcode. It’s an amazing functionality that I ever have seen.

Page Builder

Page Builder is another amazing facility for WordPress users. Users can create any type of page layout using Page Builder. WordPress providing some default page builder like Gutenberg. Users may use premium Page Builder like Visual Composer. Premium page builder provides more attractive functionalities to users.

I hope you have understand why it’s is the best CMS in the World.

If you want to create a website for your business, organization or blog you have to use any type of CMS. CMS means Content Management System. If you don’t want to use any type of CMS, your website budget will be exceed. That’s why you need to choose a CMS. In this article I will tell you what is WordPress and how it works.

What is CMS?

If you want to use a CMS, you have to know what is CMS. CMS means Content Management System . By CMS your website content like images and texts you can be manage from a dashboard. But visitors can’t access your dashboard. They will be see just your website front end. It will be easy to use for you. If you’re a programmer, you can manage row coding website. But it’s some complicated for none programmer. So, we have learned CMS means Content Management System where we can be manage our website content from a dashboard.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in world. Anyone can use this CMS without any cost. It’s easy to use for any type of programmer or none programmer. User can manage their content from the dashboard. They don’t need any programming knowledge for that. If you want to create a website with low budget, you can choose WordPress. There are lot of free layout or theme in there repository. You can download an d use there free themes from the repository.

If you don’t have domain and hosting for your website, don’t worry. WordPress also providing free web space for you. You can start your blogging career with there free plan.

If you want to use a premium layout or theme, you buy from the market place. One of the most poplular marketplace is Themeforest. You can go to the WordPress tab for premium theme. Here you can find lot of premium theme for your website as you desired.

You can learn How to install WordPress in your server.